Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Divorce?

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Mariah Carey Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon Mariah Carey Divorce?

Nick Cannon and new wife Mariah Carey might be going through some problems already and are heading to divorce court as we speak.Life & Style Magazine is reporting:

Some close to the couple fear Nick’s subservient status is a sign the couple’s union is headed for trouble. “I give the marriage six months, tops,” reveals an insider close to Mariah. “I can’t see it lasting.”“I give the marriage six months, tops. I can’t see it lasting. Nick does whatever Mariah wants him to — he’s like her puppy. It seems like Nick spends more time in the stores with Mariah’s credit card than he does with Mariah herself.”

I am not surprised,are you?

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey

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  1. Vickie-1790580 says:

    Gosh I hate people with loose lips that speculate, and the media that puts their words in print. All I have to say is get a life and tend to your own affairs.

  2. Angel coleman says:

    i love mc n will sing with her :) one day

  3. Ivory Fleming says:

    I say that mariah can’t stay in an relationship anyway so the marriage may be a failure :)

    Also I feel that Nick Cannon can do BETTER!! Mariah is to old for him !

  4. Timmee says:

    There still together dumb asses, there having twins.

    • Angel coleman says:

      thats right n mariah carey is the best singer in the world one day i will sing with her

    • rufus FLASH says:


  5. killer says:

    f$$k all you fake fools you are all haters. White gal love black man hood because it long thats why she cant leave nick cannon.

  6. robert says:

    I think it’s going to work out but Nick has to be a man for real and step up to the plate and don’t be no puppy to mariah careybecause she has more money either I believe in a man veing a man and taking charge in a relationship the women should always consult with the man before she does anything and thats real talk

  7. cc says:

    damn still married hate on haters

  8. new says:

    i hav nthing to say but da haterz r motivating them so get real i dnt think they stayed together long enough to reall kno each other before getting married so use ur head peeps goodluck to mc and nick cannon love ya

  9. cass says:

    charcoal huh, like black eh. Well, Mariah has a black parent, yea, shes part charcoal too. Oh yea and most every black person out there is mixed with someone else. African Americans do not look like strait up Africans at all.

  10. xxhotcheerleaderxx says:

    I dont think they will last nick cannons a nobody and Mariah is using him. nicks like her little B!TCH, mariah just wants him to have babies with; but frankly i think shes far far too old for him and far far too old to have kids. Mariah proberly should have started the whole kid thing like five years ago. Now i hear shes pregnant… she really needs to stop before she has defective kids. ohh and no one say’s this but, Mariah’s a Cougar. P.S. i love eminem and mariahs a s$$t.

  11. el.chimador says:

    shut up ur dumb mariah is too pretty for that charcoal

    • De says:

      You are a straight fool for this comment you made. She is lighter in skin color, but that makes her no prettier than Nick just because he is darker. They are both nice looking people, you dumb f—!

  12. hater says:

    ♥fukkk all u haters♥

  13. mimi says:

    I feel you Erina!

  14. bruse giant says:

    Yesssss…..I have a chance!!

  15. Berat says:

    i would f$$k mariah she can leave nick for me i tuch her body lol

  16. furdy says:

    I totally love mariah carey who cares about who she is married to she is still doin her thing mariah carey still rocks it doesnt matter about what her background is i still love her no matter wat!!!!

  17. Flex says:

    Well their marriage is of course d rare type but we betta let dem decide. Mrs Loca im sorry i hav 2 agree wit Big John u r a true hater and ‘may’ need a Man! Nick Cannon is definitely not as rich as Mariah but hes no beggar! Hes a talented young Hip Hop star and actor,chck out Drumline she also started from somewhere.

  18. lee says:

    Haters!!! give them a break. they got married, they knw wat they r doin. All the best Mariah n Nick

  19. Kohon says:

    They ARE staged… moron!

  20. Big John Stud says:

    Well, Nick cannon is comedy! I loved love dont cost a thing. And Mrs. Loca…You are a certified hater! It look like you need a man.
    Nick Cannon has money, not as much as Mariah..I doubt hes splurging on himself with her chips.

  21. MrS.loCa says:

    omg thats good she needs a way better man then nick cannon im just saying she duz im happy they are ok but they were kinda happy but he kinda a loozer she needs a man wit more class then him plus she like 20 years older then him that aint rite at all its just nasty im not trying to be meen im just saying they were not a cute couple a all im soooooooooo happy ther getting a divorce it will be better for both of them

  22. neshh says:

    i think that mariahh is a g && nick is a hoochie.=]]

  23. Erina says:

    WOW!!!! i can’t believe this i thought they were happy together but i don’t think it’s true i don’t think they are gettin a divorce but um all i have to say is that gettin those stupid tatoos of each others names on their body is stupid cuz if i was to get married the only name i’ll be putting on my body is my kids name & that’s it cuz to me i think no relationship last forever not even marriages well time marriages never work out but it depends youy kno well thats all i have to say about all this Mariah & Nick drama i love them both to ddath but whatever is goin on wit them let the tabloids & papparazzi handle it you know.

  24. Can I Have Another Cookie Please says:

    These photos look so staged. Who was supposed to believe this?